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Single Stroke Seven

There are new interviews with Lavinia Ludlow up at The Spark and Entropy.

Features and Interviews

Single Stroke Seven is featured this week on The Next Best Book Blog and the story of how it went from manuscript to finished book is up over at Real Pants. Lastly, an interview with Lavinia is up at jmww.

Happy new year!

The Atticus Review has the first extract from Lavinia Ludlow’s forthcoming novel Single Stroke Seven posted.


Flooding Granite got an honorable mention in the Guide to Outdoor Literature’s Best Books of 2011 and Marina Melee has been nominated in the Underground Book Reviews’ Summer Reading List Contest. Please take a minute to vote for it if you are so inclined!

Happy New Year!

Lots of activity these past few days! alt.punk has got a lot of shout-outs for the Best of 2011, including from Ben Tanzer at TNBBC’s The Next Best Book Blog, the folks at The Word Zombie, DK at Banners of Death, and the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, which also called out The Rage of Achilles in the same list.

Meanwhile, Bridget Bufford has a new interview up at Q. Kelly’s Author Website and there’s a new review of Cemetery Bird here.

Finally, Ian Woollen has a new story up in The Atticus Review.


There’s a new interview with Bridget Bufford up at the KBIA website and alt.punk has been named as one of the Top 10 Indie Picks of 2011 by Lori Hettler at the BookPage blog.

New interview with Lavinia Ludlow

There is a new interview with Lavinia Ludlow up at Monkeybicycle.

Reviews and such

There’s a very thorough interview with Lavinia Ludlow up at Big Other and a new review of alt.punk is up at TNBBC’s The Next Best Book Blog.

The Bloomington Alternative meanwhile, recently revisited and reviewed Ian Woollen’s Hoosier Life & Casualty.

And, finally, Jimmy Gleacher, author of Silly Little Rich Girl, has a new book coming out tomorrow: Paradise Rules.

Win a copy of For Certain Values of Family*

If you buy a copy of Enter Oblivion through our website during the month of April, you will automatically be entered in a contest to win a copy of Manna Francis’ latest book, For Certain Values of Family*. We’ll be drawing a name randomly out of the hat on May 1st. US residents only.

*If you haven’t read any of the other Administration titles, we’ll be happy to substitute the first book in the series, Mind Fuck.

Interview with Terence Hawkins

Earlier this month, Terence was interviewed for Connecticut Public Radio on the Faith Middleton Show. The interview can be listened to online.

alt.punk by Lavinia Ludlow

Casperian Books is pleased to announce the release of Lavinia Ludlow’s debut novel, alt.punk:

Hazel is a middle-class hypochondriac doing (over)time as a manager at Safeway, the only place that would hire her with an MBA from a state school. She hates her boyfriend, her family, and her life.

Otis is a guiltless weirdo who still has action figures in his bed; a postindustrial Peter Pan who wakes up in the middle of the night crying from nightmares he can’t remember. A punk rock void, he describes the world with the creative imagination of a child.

Together, they are a disaster.

In alt.punk, Lavinia Ludlow explores the ragged edge of art, society, and sanity, viciously skewering the politics of rebellion. With a savage eye for detail, she unveils the layers of mythmaking that underlie class and ideology in the twenty-first century.

Check out the new review of alt.punk at Small Press Reviews and the author interview at Dogzplot, and read an extract at Is Greater Than or the first chapter at our own website.

Announcing our Spring 2011 List!

Spring releases kick off today with the release of the long-awaited next installment in Manna Francis’ Administration series, For Certain Values of Family. Book 7 contains the novel Family Values and two further short stories set in the near-future dystopia of New London.

On March 1st, we’ll be following that up with Lavinia Ludlow’s debut novel, alt.punk, part punk-rock tale, part coming-of-age-in-suburbia story, which explores the layers of mythmaking that underlie class and ideology in the twenty-first century.

Then, on April 1st, we’ll be taking a trip back to 1980s London with the Brooklyn-born protagonist of C.M. Harris’ Enter Oblivion, who finds himself thrust into the very heart of New Wave culture, unsure whether he will become a rock star, a rent boy, or a laughingstock.

Coming of age in the 1960s is next, with Bob Thurber’s Paperboy due to be released on May 1st, which tells the story of fourteen-year-old Jack Fisher trying to make ends meet in downtown Pawtucket.

Finally, on June 1st, we’ll return firmly to the present with Lynne Hinkey’s Marina Melee, a hilarious account of a spoiled oil tycoon trying his hand at running a marina in the Caribbean.

We hope you enjoy these great spring releases!


We are currently trying to fill the spring 2012 list (and possibly add to the fall 2011 list) and would particularly like to see submissions in the following categories:

– Any kind of regional interest fiction (all genres)
– Gay (all genres)

Please be sure to follow our submission guidelines!

Review and Interview

There’s a very thorough interview with Tom Mahony about Imperfect Solitude in the Boston Literary Magazine and a positive review at The Waterman’s Library.

Fall 2010 List

Our fall 2010 releases kick off today with Daniel Boyd’s ‘Nada, an action/adventure romp through Depression-era Mexico.
On November 1st, we’ll be following that up with the Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White, in which a man returns from World War I to become a Marine Corps recruiter in his Appalachian hometown. 

Lastly, on December 1st, we’ll be releasing Imperfect Solitude by Tom Mahony, a cross between a coming-of-age story and an eco-thriller set in Northern California.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next installment in the Administration series, fear not, it will be appearing but has been delayed slightly due to events in the author’s family. In fact, I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like there will be a Book 8 as well (I have read the first 100 pages or so and it’s a pot boiler!).

We hope you enjoy these great fall releases!

The Legacy by John Russo

Who hasn’t dreamed of an unexpected inheritance from a long-lost relative?

Alonso Santina leads a comfortable life in the suburbs of New Jersey with a budding construction business, a new house, and a wife with a baby on the way. When he receives a letter from an attorney in Spain informing him of the death of a long-lost relative, little does he know that what begins as a simple trip to Cádiz with his cousin Sal to claim his inheritance will turn into an adventure spanning two continents, pursued by lawyers and thieves, all spurred on by the discovery of a five-hundred-year-old journal.

Casperian Books is pleased to announce the release of John Russo’s new novel, The Legacy. Click here to read the first chapter.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Our Memorial Day Sale to celebrate our fourth anniversary is now live! All titles currently in stock are discounted for US orders while supplies last!

Review & Sale

Curt Smith’s novel Sound + Noise just received an excellent writeup in a French academic magazine, which was a very nice surprise indeed. It should be worth mentioning at this point also, that Curt Smith has pledged to donate his royalties from sales of his new novel, Truth or Something Like It through the Casperian Books website during the month of May to Doctors Without Borders.

In addition, to celebrate our fourth birthday a little early, we’ll be holding a Memorial Day Sale next weekend. All books in stock will be more or less steeply discounted for domestic orders while supplies last, so visit the website any time between Saturday morning and Monday evening to get the books you’ve always wanted to get at bargain prices!

Announcing our Spring 2010 List

Our spring releases kick off today with Curtis Smith’s Truth or Something Like It, a novel about a small-town schoolteacher thrust into the political limelight because of an accident.

On April 1st, we’ll be following that up with the The Gravedigger by Ilan Herman, a ghost story of sorts, in which the title character finds that caring for a cemetery is not nearly as peaceful as it sounds.

The sixth release in Manna Francis’ Administration series is next, scheduled for release on May 1st. This volume is the novel First Against the Wall, in which revolution comes to the near-future dystopia of the European Administration.

Lastly, on June 1st, we’ll be releasing The Legacy by John Russo, a fast-paced adventure spanning two continents, featuring lawyers, thieves, and a five-hundred-year-old journal.

In somewhat related news, Motor City Blues will be going out of print on March 15th. We have a few copies left here that will be available until then, so this is the last chance to get your copy!

We hope you enjoy these great spring releases!

And Another One!

Kelland won the Editor’s Choice Best Small Press Chill Award from Dark Scribe Magazine. Congratulations Paul!