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The first review of Lavinia Ludlow’s forthcoming novel, Single Stroke Seven, has been posted at Small Press Book Review.

Administration Book 8 Update

We ordered printer’s proofs today…

Very Important Announcement

We know nobody thought this day would ever come, but today I hold in my grubby little hands* the full manuscript for Book 8 in the Administration Series!

*OK, technically, saved on my desktop, but that sounded better!

Two new reviews

While we’re waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in on health care, the Politics in the Zeros blog is reviewing Hoosier Life & Casualty here.

There’s also a new review of Fame & Madness in America up at Necessary Fiction.


Marina Melee came in in second place for the readers’ choice awards at Underground Book Reviews. Thanks to everyone who voted for it! Gospel Hollow, in the meantime, is one of five debut novels discussed in a feature article, “Essential Truths: First Novels Hinge on Issues of Choice and Fate,” in the Summer 2012 issue of ForeWord Reviews magazine. Author Jesse Jordan has also been busy recently and participated in This Podcast Will Change Your Life. Check it out!


Since I’m halfway through getting last year’s books ready for the accountant, here are some statistics:

  • 51% of 2011 receipts were payments from our wholesaler
  • 23% of 2011 receipts were direct sales through our website
  • 26% of 2011 receipts were what we euphemistically term “cash & check payments,” i.e. payment for purchase orders from books stores and educational institutions, receipts from direct sales through Amazon, payments from library fulfillment services and book clubs, etc.

Interview with Bridget Bufford

A half-hour-long radio interview Bridget gave to The Next Frontier program earlier this month is available for listening to online at Living the Autism Maze.

New Review of Hoosier Life & Casualty

There’s a new review of Hoosier Life & Casualty up at the Books, Personally blog.

Flooding Granite by Tom Mahony

We are pleased to announce the release of Tom Mahony’s second novel, Flooding Granite.

Zack Pruitt is a river guide long on skill but short on nerve: he dropped out of college, quit his job, and abandoned his girlfriend and young son when things got tough.

Back in the Sierra Nevada, Zack signs on for a high-water river trip with three other guides and eleven clients. As the flotilla careens toward Gallows–a brutal rapid that’s always terrorized him–events spin out of control. A near-fatal accident coupled with a rush of snowmelt leave the guides and clients fighting for survival, and Zack discovers that for once running is not an option.

“River guide Zack Pruitt and his clients get more excitement than they bargained for in this gripping account of three days on the water battling nature, each other, and their own demons. Tightly wrought tension crests to life-threatening levels as Mahony takes readers on a ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. Flooding Granite offers nail-chomping suspense on every page.” –Robin Stratton, Boston Literary Magazine

“Tom Mahony knows how to tell a story and, as a scientist, understands the natural environment. In Flooding Granite, he demonstrates both of these skills with an intelligent action tale that grabs you by the collar and doesn’t let go. More than a man-battles-nature story, Flooding Granite is layered with a human element that will have you rooting for Zack and caring for him despite, and maybe because of, his flaws.” –Wayne Scheer, author of Revealing Moments

Click here to read the first chapter of Flooding Granite.

Flooding Granite Review

The first review of Flooding Granite is up at Small Press Reviews.

alt.punk comic!

Nathan Holic, the man behind the front cover of alt.punk, has done a comic of one section of the book. You can read it here at Smalldoggies Magazine.

Cemetery Bird

There’s a new writeup of Cemetery Bird in Vox Magazine.

New Review of alt.punk

There’s a new review of alt.punk up at Smalldoggies Magazine.

Announcing our Fall 2011 List

Fall releases kick off today with the release of Bridget Bufford’s second novel, Cemetery Bird, the story of Hotshot Jay Aubuchon who returns home to Missouri to help care for her autistic nephew after being injured in a forest fire.

On October 1st, we’ll be following that up with Tom Mahony’s new novel, Flooding Granite, in which a group of river guides takes a bunch of tourists on a whitewater rafting trip that soon turns to disaster.

Finally, on December 1st, we’ll be releasing Garrett Socol’s satire, Fame & Madness in America, which explores the nature of celebrity through a series of vignettes from the points of view of anyone even remotely associated with an accused murderess.

And yes, we’re skipping November this year because several members of the Casperian Books family will be halfway around the world for a family celebration and we don’t want those folks remaining in California to have to manage a new release all by themselves.

Reviews and such

There is a new review of Enter Oblivion and an interview with its author, C.M. Harris, up at the Top 2 Bottom Reviews website.

There is also a new review of Charles Dodd White’s Lambs of Men in the current Appalachian Heritage (login required).

Last but not least, Lavinia Ludlow’s alt.punk made the Dogzplots “10 Favorite Books I Read So Far This Year” list.

Marina Melee Review

There’s a new review of Marina Melee up at The Internet Review of Books.

Things We Learned This Week

When employers are funny about people using their Internet services for personal things, they may have a teeny, tiny leg to stand on.

Case in point: those of you who noticed parts of this website being kind of broken early this week? That would be because last weekend I uploaded some personal stuff in a subdirectory of this site on the server. All worked swimmingly too! The problem was that apparently along the way, I introduced some code that wreaked quiet havoc on the rest of this site, and after a six-hour increasingly frustrated session of searching through pages and pages of php to find the culprit, I eventually decided that my life was going to be just so much easier if I deleted that personal stuff from here (thus solving the brokenness indirectly) and moved it to its own hosting account.

The Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll

The Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll for the best of 2010 is open for business! Go to to cast your votes!

Doctor Without Borders Update

Gary Clites and Paul Bens have both asked us to donate their portion of the receipts for any books sold through our website this week to Doctors Without Borders as well. Thank you to both of them!

Buy Books for a Good Cause!

From now until Sunday, January 24th, 2010, (or until we run out of local inventory), Casperian Books will donate its portion of the proceeds from any book sales through this website to Doctors Without Borders.