Gospel Hollow
by Jesse Jordan

Fiction · Paperback · 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-934081-36-5 · Out of Print

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...and then she was gone

One evening in 1995, Tommy Hull's mother put him to bed, kissed him goodnight, and walked downstairs. She has not been seen since. Now a twenty-six-year-old bartender self-medicating his debilitating panic attacks with booze and Xanax, Tommy thinks he may have found a way to discover what happened to her. But to do so he'll have to gather together the violent, damaged men of his past for one night and force from them the truth he believes lies hidden within.

Set during five days of a punishing Chicago blizzard, Gospel Hollow follows the clumsy and desperate investigation of Tommy Hull as he digs through the lies and silence of his remaining family to get the answer to the most pressing question of his life: what happened to Alice Hull on that cool September night fourteen years ago?

"Gospel Hollow is a white-knuckled, Midwestern, modern-day thriller, riveting in its pace, and masterful in its tone. Mr. Jordan's exploration of the deadly ensnarements of family bonds and the impossibility of memory is highly thoughtful and daringly original." -- Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned and The Boy Detective Fails

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Jesse Jordan is a Chicago writer and an MFA graduate of Columbia College. He's worked as an editor, an olive oil salesman, a deckhand, and a grandfather clock deliveryman. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications, and he is a member of Chicago's "Reading Under the Influence." Gospel Hollow is his first novel.

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