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Current Releases

Corpora Delicti
by Manna Francis

The Un-familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods
by Lynne Hinkey

Single Stroke Seven
by Lavinia Ludlow

Blood & Circuses
by Manna Francis

Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons
by Lynne Hinkey

by Lavinia Ludlow

For Certain Values of Family
by Manna Francis

First Against the Wall
by Manna Francis

The Rage of Achilles
by Terence Hawkins

Quis Custodiet
by Manna Francis

by Manna Francis

Games & Players
by Manna Francis

Quid Pro Quo
by Manna Francis

Mind Fuck
by Manna Francis

Mouth of the Lion
by Lily Richards

Out of Print

The Half-Life of Home
by Dale Neal

Marina Melee
by Lynne Hinkey

Enter Oblivion
by C.M. Harris

Pacific Offering
by Tom Mahony

Black Crow White Lie
by Candi Sary

Gospel Hollow
by Jesse Jordan

Fame & Madness in America
by Garrett Socol

Flooding Granite
by Tom Mahony

Cemetery Bird
by Bridget Bufford

Lambs of Men
by Charles Dodd White

by Daniel Boyd

The Legacy
by John Russo

Truth or Something Like It
by Curtis Smith

by Bob Thurber

Imperfect Solitude
by Tom Mahony

The Gravedigger
by Ilan Herman

Hoosier Life & Casualty
by Ian Woollen

by Paul G. Bens Jr.

Seneca Wood
by Gary Clites

Silly Little Rich Girl
by Jimmy Gleacher

The Life Plan
by Sybil Baker

And Now for a Story...
edited by Lily Richards

Rock Dance
by Jack Ballard Jr.

Sound + Noise
by Curtis Smith

End Credits
by A. F. Rützy

Without Wax
A Documentary Novel
by William Walsh

The Tea House
by Paul Elwork

Motor City Blues
by Peter Ohren

by Chris Owen